Imaging Insights Delivered

We provide quantitative data to improve treatment decisions for spine patients.

Statera Spine is a software enabled spine imaging analytics company dedicated to providing easy-to-use solutions that facilitate improved care for patients suffering from chronic and acute spine issues.

Statera Spine is committed to improving patient outcomes by providing vital diagnostic and decision-making tools that are missing from today’s technology.

Our Executive Team

Erik Wagner, President and CEO

Erik Wagner is the President and CEO of Statera Spine. He has been a co-founder, board member and held executive management positions in two venture backed spinal implant companies including Spinal Concepts (1996-2004) and Flexuspine (2007-2014). At Spinal Concepts, he and his partners raised over $40 million in venture capital leading the company to profitability in less than six years on sales exceeding $10 million/month and growing at 70% CAGR. He left Spinal Concepts following the sale of the company to Abbott Labs for $170 million in 2003. His proven record for innovation and leadership continued at Flexuspine where he served as CTO & CEO, and led the development and clinical investigation of the world’s first spinal segmental reconstruction device. He is a named inventor on over 70 patents for medical devices ranging from spinal implants to cardiovascular devices.

Adam Deitz, Chief Technology Officer

Adam Deitz is the founder and Chief Technology Officer of Statera Spine. Before founding Ortho Kinematics in 2006, he accumulated ten years of experience in medical product commercialization as a strategy consultant, advising startup and multinational device, diagnostic, and pharmaceutical companies on new product strategies. During his consulting career, Mr. Deitz specialized in developing and executing launch and growth strategies for over fifteen new medical technologies, contributing as a strategy advisor to product leadership teams as well as an "on the ground" launch manager. During the latter part of his consulting career, Mr. Deitz became deeply involved in medical diagnostics, leading the development and commercialization of four new diagnostic technologies. Through his consulting experience, Mr. Deitz developed a strong expertise in all aspects of medical product commercialization as well as a well-rounded perspective regarding what does and does not work in launching new medical diagnostics. Mr. Deitz began his strategy consulting career at Booz-Allen & Hamilton. He then proceeded to work at a series of smaller, more specialized firms prior to founding Ortho Kinematics. Mr. Deitz holds a BS in electrical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.

James Burrows, Chief Operating Officer

James Burrows is the Chief Operating Officer of Statera Spine and is responsible for areas contributing to product introductions and delivery. He oversees Operations, Finance and Human Resources. Prior to joining Statera Spine, James was the Global Vice President of Operations, Clinical and Regulatory for Zimmer Biomet Spine. James had been the previous Chief Operating Officer for LDR Holdings for over 10 years. During which time he was part of the executive team leading the company through the clinical study and introduction of the Mobi-C Cervical Disc, a 2013 IPO and ultimate acquisition by Zimmer Biomet Spine. He has over 25 years of experience in the orthopedic and spine industry which involved various leadership roles including strategic, marketing, technical, and logistical duties. James has been granted six US patents on medical device product designs and he holds a BS in Engineering Technology and a MBA from Texas State University.

“With this report I have the information immediately calculated. If I need to start thinking surgically, I know it right away.”

Stephen David, MD.
EmergeOrtho: Blue Ridge Division

Current diagnostic technology doesn't provide all vital information necessary to support quality decisions regarding spine surgery and treatment options.

Over 20 million spinal x-rays are ordered each year in the United States alone. But x‑rays are inherently limited in providing quantifiable information. Standard imaging does not allow for consideration of overall spine biomechanics, including sagittal alignment. Current imaging reports do not provide all the vital information necessary to support quality spine treatment decisions, and aren't standardized, leading to inconsistencies and variability in reporting.


Profile-ESP is an analytics and reporting service offering standardized, comprehensive spinal motion and alignment data in a graphical, easy-to-read report. It offers full spine alignment data, plus motion (angulation and translation) and disc height data at each spine level. This easy to use, easy to adopt system requires no capital investment.


The VMA System utilizes fluoroscopy imaging with proprietary hardware and software to assess spinal instability and sagittal alignment. It provides the most accurate and sensitive detection of instability and mal-alignment, and delivers actionable measurements that routinely change spine surgical decisions. VMA can also provide evidence to address denials by insurance companies to cover spine surgery.