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“With this report I have the information immediately calculated. If I need to start thinking surgically, I know it right away.”

Stephen David, MD.
EmergeOrtho: Blue Ridge Division

Current diagnostic technology doesn't provide all vital information necessary to support quality decisions regarding spine surgery and treatment options.

Over 20 million spinal x-rays are ordered each year in the United States alone. But x‑rays are inherently limited in providing quantifiable information. Standard imaging does not allow for consideration of overall spine biomechanics, including sagittal alignment. Current imaging reports do not provide all the vital information necessary to support quality spine treatment decisions, and aren't standardized, leading to inconsistencies and variability in reporting.


Profile-ESP is an analytics and reporting service offering standardized, comprehensive spinal motion and alignment data in a graphical, easy-to-read report. It offers full spine alignment data, plus motion (angulation and translation) and disc height data at each spine level. This easy to use, easy to adopt system requires no capital investment.


The VMA System utilizes fluoroscopy imaging with proprietary hardware and software to assess spinal instability and sagittal alignment. It provides the most accurate and sensitive detection of instability and mal-alignment, and delivers actionable measurements that routinely change spine surgical decisions. VMA can also provide evidence to address denials by insurance companies to cover spine surgery.